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Welcome to my site and enjoy reading about my journey into the field of health.  I was lucky enough to be born into a family who had a Dad who was a doctor.  His career always intrested me as a child.  In the 3rd grade he bought a new doctors bag and I still have the bag that he gave me to play with.  That was a long time ago.  I went to two years of college at St. Olaf College and then decided to go to the Minneapolis Business College and take the one year course to become a med tec in a clinic or hospital.  My father taught me so much while working with him in his office through high school so it was very easy for me to learn blood work, x-rays etc.  Upon graduation I got married and moved to Benson Mn. where I worked for the old established Dr. in town. and his partner.  Here I met a lot of people in town although they were of the older generation.  

All through my married life here in Benson I was interested in learning new things along the health avenue. I got interested in yoga and 30 years ago taught it for many hears.  I started selling health products from New Spirit Naturals and Young Living Essentail Oils and took many classes learning health.  This lead to a career of Massage here in Benson.  This career has lasted for 36 years and counting.  The next page will tell you just how I got into this line of work.
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